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What is Maiastra?

The name, Maiastra, is inspired from the  Pasărea Măiastrăa mythological bird found in Romanian Folklore. The Pasărea Măiastră, meaning Chief or Master Bird, is known for its celestial beauty, light, and song. Those few and fortunate who have the opportunity to see or to hear the Maiastra Bird gain health and life. However, the Maiastra only reveals itself to those who are pure in heart and who are truly seeking.

We are inspired by the raw desire for exploration, the kind hearts of ordinary people, and the simple beauty of nature we encounter while traveling. In our experience, the greatest adventures, the warmest people, and the most stunning landscapes have all come at a cost of seeking. Adventure was never meant to be easy. Adventure means seeking with open hearts and minds in the unlikeliest of locations. The best adventures come to those with the desire to take a closer look and push beyond the trodden path. Like the life given by the Pasărea Măiastră, we feel invigorated by the beauty we discover while traveling.




















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