Belfort is by far the prettiest town we stopped in while making our way from Dijon, France to Stuttgart, Germany. It's definitely worth a stop!

This massive beast, Le Lion de Belfort, measures 37 feet from head to foot and over 70 feet long. It is made of red sandstone that was dug from beneath the Belfort castle. Each piece was carved individually and then assembled on site. We know the French to love their monuments and memorials. This sculpture is no different as it commemorates the French resistance to invading Prussian forces in the 1870’s. Be sure to check out a plan view of the citadel too - its a unique shape.


Fun Fact #1!

Lion of Belfort was sculpted by Frédéric Bartholdi in 1880 - just 6 years prior to the dedication of his most famous work, the Statue of Liberty.  

Fun fact #2!

Frédéric Bartholdi is from Colmar, France. To honor the 100th anniversary of his death, a 12-meter high resin replica of the Statue of Liberty was sculpted.

Fun Fact #3!

There are replicas of Le Lion de Belfort in Paris, France and Montreal, Canada. 

Saint Christophe Cathedral

Although we initially stopped to see the impressive Lion of Belfort sculpture, and the fort itself, we were pleasantly surprised by the town itself. 

Know Before You Go!

  • We scored FREE parking at the Nord Parking lot.
  • We also found a FREE toilet along Rue de l'Ancien Théatre, however, there was no toilet paper. Because of this (and those dang allergies) we always try to carry some in our pockets while traveling. 

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