Carl Block was born in Copenhagen on May 23, 1834 to parents who dreamed of their son growing up to be a respected Naval officer. Bloch, however, had no interest in military service, but was only interested in painting and drawing. Pursuing his dreams of becoming an artist, Bloch studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Art. Later, he went on to study in Italy which played an important role in the development of his style, and it is where he met his wife. Together, they had eight children and lived happily until her death in 1868.

In 1865 Bloch received his most impressive commission yet - to paint 23 paintings depicting the life of Christ for the newly rebuilt church oratory at Frederiksborg Palace. The paintings were completed over course of 14 years, between 1865 and 1879, and can still be viewed at the Frederiksborg Palace church oratory today.

Fun Fact! Bloch's paintings often include a child who is tucked away, looking at the audience - keep a lookout!

Anyone have a friend or neighbor who attends the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church)? If you’ve accepted their invitation to join them for a Mormon meeting, then undoubtedly you have seen some of Bloch’s works.

Throughout the past 40 years, the LDS church has widely showcased Bloch’s works throughout church buildings, teaching manuals and printed media.


The Complete Works

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