While making our way toward Dijon, France, from Creux du Van, Switzerland, we happened upon this sizeable chateau along the route, just after crossing the French border. The castle is so large, it demands your attention - and a detour. Who doesn't love a spontaneous castle pit-stop?

Upon stopping, we were bummed to learn we had just missed the last tour of the day. Nonetheless, we enjoyed wandering around the grounds and admiring the surrounding landscape.

Although we have seen more castles than we can count throughout our time in Europe, this one is quite large and offered an hour and a half tour.



Once we got home, we learned this castle was later transformed into a fort and helped protect the region during World War 1. Later, it was also included in the Maginot line to defend the border of Switzlerland. 

Know Before You Go!

  • There are a few different (FREE) parking lots available - one in the valley off the main road going through town, and two up closer to the castle itself. We parked at the lower one near the castle, not realizing we could drive even further up. 

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