Copenhagen’s cobblestone streets, winding waterways, and colorfully clad facades ooze old world charm and sleek Scandinavian design. The friendly locals energetically greet each passerby with a welcoming “Haj” (pronounced “hi”).  Here, cycling lanes are as wide as car lanes and the daily commuter garb could just as easily be seen on a fashion runway. We hear the food scene is just as hip as everything else, but we tend to travel cheap, so we didn’t indulge in much beyond delicious danishes (a must in our book). Also, be sure to check out Torvehallerne - an indoor and open air market selling everything from fresh flowers, cured meat and cheese to gourmet pastries, chocolate and teas. If you can't decide where to eat, give this a go. There are diverse and quality options for everyone. 

Biking is often considered to be the most efficient way to get around the city, but we beg to differ. Copenhagen is a very compact, walkable city, and you can get by just fine on foot. If need be though, public transit is efficient (and expanding). It only takes 15 minutes to ride from the airport to the city, and trains run 24/7.

No matter the length, a trip here is sure to have you experience some hygge (pronounced hue-guh). Hygge is a Danish word meaning to acknowledge a moment or feeling of coziness, charm, or happiness… It is making something small, simple and seemingly insignificant into something special. Hygge is a conscious appreciation for a good moment. Copenhagen is contagious with magical moments, so you’re bound to feel the warmth of this often chilly city.

Know before you go! 

Denmark uses the krone (crown), and not the euro. As of early 2018, 1 DKK is about .17 USD. 

It's no secret that Scandinavia can be a pricey place to visit, so if you're looking for a place to sleep without breaking the bank, check out The Bedwood Hostel. The hostel itself isn't anything to rave about, but being situated in the most picturesque part of Copenhagen, Nyhavn, the location can't be beat. Each bed is surrounded by a sheet curtain for extra privacy. Every bed is equipped with a light, but here are no lights in the room, so you don't need to worry about someone stumbling in late at night and flipping the lights. The downside for the Bedwood Hostel is that there are few common spaces to hangout. Don't forget to bring your padlock for your locker!

While out and about, don't forget to check out The Little Mermaid, Amalienborg, the Rosenborg Castle Grounds, Rundetaarn, Frederiksborg Castle, the David Collection, the Bertel Thorvaldsen Museum, Vor Frue Kirke, The Marble Church, Strøget, and of course, Nyhavn. We definitely recommend taking a canal boat tour too! 

More Favorites in Copenhagen


The David Collection

Once the private collection of successful lawyer and business man, C.L. David, The David Collection houses the largest collection of Islamic art in Scandinavia (as well as western Europe), and get this: it’s completely free!


Bertel Thorvaldsen Museum

A museum dedicated to the works of Denmark's most notable sculptor, and Copenhagen's first-ever museum!  


Frederiksborg Castle

This impressive Renaissance castle was built in the early 17th century for King Christian IV. We have seen more European castles than we can count, and after a while, they are all start to look the same. However, this one is worth your time. After paying a visit to the world-renowned Chateau Versailles in France recently, we felt this was just as, if not more, impressive than Versailles


Vor Frue Kirke

Designed by one of Denmark's most notable architects, C.F. Hansen, this church serves as the National Cathedral of Denmark.  Many tourists travel to the church to behold Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus statue and the accompanying statues of the twelve apostles


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