Despite the rocky history of this former communist country, the Czech Republic is now one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Perhaps our favorite thing about the Czech Republic is how affordable it is - the food, accomodations, public transit - it’s awesome! Here, you can experience the magic of medieval towns with their winding cobblestone streets, meandering rivers and grand cathedrals, without breaking your budget. Because we love to travel, we try to travel as cheap as possible so we can continue to see new places. In order to make this possible, we are often sleeping in our car and living off of cheese and bread we bought at the local grocery store. In the Czech Republic, this isn’t necessary. We were able to stay within 10 minutes of the city center for just $30 USD (one night).  If you were to book the nicest Airbnb you could find in the summer, right downtown, it would likely be less than $100 for a night. We were also able to eat out at a restaurant and order drinks, an appetizer and an entree for around $30 USD total as well - awesome! A traditional Trdelnik will cost you around 3-4 euro (about half the cost of one at a German Christmas market). We're all about good deals and cheap eats! 


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