Home of mustard! Though, fun fact... neither of us like mustard so we didn’t get any. I hear we are missing out, but we aren't so sure. Although we didn't partake in the local grub, we did, however, enjoy walking the streets of the town and seeing the local architecture.

Some of our favorite sites were the Porte Guillaume (Dijon's Arc de Triomphe), and we loved the quaint architecture of Rue des Folges. Unfortunately, churches were closed for the evening, but the exterior of all three (Cathédrale Saint-Bénigne de Dijon, Notre Dame Cathedral and Église Saint-Michel de Dijon) were all quite impressive.


Dijon's Lucky Owl


On the corner of Dijon’s Notre Dame Cathedral, you’ll find a small weathered owl carving, oiled from all those who have touched it. As legend goes, he grants wishes to all those who stroke him with their left hand.

Dijon has since adopted the owl as the symbol of their city. When walking the streets you’ll notice small triangular brass trail markers in the ground with owls and a number on them. These designate “The Owl’s Trail”. The trail includes 22 prominent spots throughout Dijon and can be walked in an hour. You can either pay for a brochure at the tourism office (3.50 euro), hop on wherever you see one, or download the app.


france-dijon-place de-la-libération-pano.JPG

We liked the faux-facade of this semi-circular plaze, Place de Liberation and enjoyed people watching there. For dinner, we grabbed some French Tacos nearby (yes - it's a thing) which hit the spot after a long, hot day.

First thing in the morning before we headed out of town we were sure to stop at Dijon’s covered market, Les Halles. Along the way we wandered into a flea-market. Though we hoped to find treasures to take home, nothing caught our eye.

Once at Les Halles we stocked up on delicious french pastries (a chocolate croissant, of course), fresh yogurt, and a kilo of apricots. YUM! We can’t seem to get enough of these markets. We love to browse each isle and try the local goods.

Tip: Although the market is closed in the evenings, there are tons of restaurants surrounding it’s perimeter at night.  



Know Before You Go!

Be mindful of where you leave your car overnight. We opted for free street parking (after hours) and came back the next morning to a bashed in side-view mirror. This could have been an honest mistake, a rowdy group of kids or bar-hoppers, or it could have been due to our foreign-license plates. In hindsight we would have been better off paying for the 8 euro overnight parking fee at our hotel than purchasing a new mirror (although still a minimal charge).


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