From Killarney we headed north toward Donegal, Ireland. Here, we made some of the best memories of our trip.


The countryside here is stunning and I found myself continually enamored with the lush hydrangeas in bloom. After a quite enjoyable evening relishing in the “luck of the irish” we had to laugh as our luck had clearly run out.

It all began with the worst Airbnb stay we’ve ever had. We’ll spare you the details, but the only redeeming quality of our stay was the complimentary full Irish breakfast we received. Though tired, we were eager to get on the road. Shortly after we started the car, the check oil light came on. After investigating we discovered a large pool of oil under our car. We managed to get to a gas station (our luck hadn’t run out entirely as we were in a remote area) and purchased oil; however, we watched it all drain out just as soon as we poured it into the car. So, there we were. Stranded. We wouldn’t have a new rental car for hours to come so we took to the fields and hiked paths with megalithic tombstones dating back to 500-700 AD, visited an old church, and wandered around a craft village and got some dinner.


Lessons learned? When traveling to Ireland everyone will advise you to get full auto insurance on your car. Do it. This is the only time we have ever done this and yet it was the only time we needed it. And just because you have full insurance doesn’t mean you should floor it on the rough farm roads. Turns out in all of our fun, we punctured the oil pan along the way. Despite the change of plan… the day actually turned out quite nice.

Slieve League

For those of you who have heard of the Cliffs of Moher (scenes filmed in the movies Princess Bride, Harry Potter and Leap Year), the Slieve League Cliffs are similar, BUT they are less crowded, free, and nearly three times the height of the Cliffs of Moher. They were gorgeous and we highly recommend paying them a visit.

The Silver Strand Beach

This place is special. Here we enjoyed a beach side picnic (the usual - cheese and bread). Perhaps my favorite part of the evening was watching two sheep walk side by side on the beach... so romantic! As we left T looked at me and said "Our lives are awesome". And I full-heartedly agreed.


Thank you, Ireland!


Know Before You Go!

  • Get the full insurance on your rental car!


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