Appropriately nicknamed the "Pearl of the Adriatic", Dubrovnik jets out into the deep blue waters, created a stunning natural harbor surrounded by a series of ancient fortifications.


We spent our day strolling the limestone streets, admiring the baroque architecture, winding our way through the maze of alleyways and exploring these ancient city stone walls.

The walls surround the historic old town and span 2km and take approximately 2 hours to cover. Along the way we laid eyes on three different fortresses: Fort Lovrijenac or St. Lawrence Fortress, St. John’s Fortress and Minceta Fortress. The orange terracotta rooftop tiles are an iconic part of Dubrovnik and can’t be missed either.


What was once off-the-beaten path is now one of Europe’s most popular port cities. In order to protect and preserve this ancient gem, Dubrovnik recently reduced their daily tourist limit from 8000 people to 4000 people.

Know Before You Go

  • As of 2019, the entrance fee to walk the city walls is 200 HRK, or approximately 30 USD. It’s pricy… but, a trip to Dubrovnik wouldn’t be complete without a stroll on the walls.

  • The walls span 2km and take approximately 2 hours to cover.

  • The walls are relatively level, but there are a handful of staircases

  • There are three entrances to the city walls: one near the Dominican Monastery, one near the Maritime Museum at Fort St. John and one at Pile Gate.


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