Just 25km south of Lake Lucerne, quaint town of Engleberg is nestled deep in the valley - surrounded by some of Switzerland’s most stunning mountain peaks.

Engelberg Monestary

When coming to Engleberg, you can’t miss this Monastery. First, it's massive. And second, it’s incredibly beautiful.

Founded in 1120, this Benedictine monastery played a pivotal role in the town of Engleberg and continues to do so today. Monks still live, worship, and teach here. 

Did you know Monks also make cheese? True story. And, they are good at it. The Engelberg Monastery is complete with it’s very own Schaukäserei, or “Show Cheese Dairy”. Not only can you buy delicious cheese here, but you can watch the monks at work for FREE!

Titlis Glacier Mountain

Beyond the Monastery, the towering peak of Mt. TITLIS (3,238 m) is another popular destination for those visiting Engleberg. We wanted to take in the views from the top, so up we went. This is an expensive jaunt (92 CHF per person), but included in your ticket is transportation to the top, as well as admission to the glacier cave, and TITLIS Cliff Walk, (Europe’s highest pedestrian suspension bridge - 500m above ground)!

They say the journey is half the fun, right? Well, in this case, it’s true. The summit station of TITLIS can’t be reached without a ride in the world’s first rotating cable car, the TITLIS Rotair. First, you’ll take an 8-seater cable car from Engleberg to the Stand station (you can hop on or off at middle station, Trübsee). From Stand, The TITLIS Rotair takes you on the final leg to the summit. The panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks can't be beat! 

Know Before You Go! 

Disclaimer: the ROTAIR makes one 360 degree turn throughout your 5 minute ride from Stand, In addition, it can carry up to 75 people at once. Luckily, we had a small group, so everyone enjoyed the view, but had the cable car been full, there’s no doubt some would have missed out.


Swiss Winter Wonderland

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