Hillerød, located 30 km north of Copenhagen, is best known for being home to the famous Frederiksborg Castle. This impressive Renaissance castle was built in the early 17th century for King Christian IV. We have seen more European castles than we can count, and after a while, they are all start to look the same. However, this one is worth your time.  After paying a visit to the world-renowned Chateau Versailles in France recently, we felt this was just as, if not more, impressive than Versailles. 

Getting there: we each purchased a 24-hr ticket valid for all zones across all public transit for 130 DKK ea. (about 18 euro). This was cheaper than two out and back tickets. We took the closest metro to the Nørreport Station. From there we took the E line to Hillerød, end-of-the-line. Admission to the castle costs 75 DKK (about 10 euro) per person. From the Hillerød stop, it’s a short walk to the castle.

Frederiksborg Castle is smaller in size than Versailles, but it’s beautiful architecture and landscape immediately capture your attention. The castle sits on three islets of the Slotssøen, or “castle lake”. The facade features red brick, stepped gables, copper-clad spires and light sandstone accents - typical of Flemish and Dutch design.   

After suffering a disastrous fire in 1859, the damaged areas of the castle were rebuilt based on previous building plans and photographs. After a large outpouring of support, the castle was reopened in 1882 as the Danish Museum of National History. Today, the luxurious apartments and state rooms give guests a glimpse of danish history and culture dating back to the 1600s until now. The museum is also home to the largest, and most significant, portraits in Denmark. While the portraits are impressive (and the collection continues to grow), we were drawn to the Castle to see it’s collection of paintings highlighting the life of Jesus Christ by Carl Bloch.


Carl Bloch

Danish Painter (23 May 1834 – 22 February 1890)

*Information current as of February 2018


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