The city of Galway is festive, bright, and a little funky with a great music scene. Here, we popped in and out of shops, checking out the local goods (like Claddagh rings). Our top stop was the Galway Cathedral. Although it’s actually quite young compared to most European cathedrals (1965), we enjoyed its riverside setting, stonework and stained glass windows.

After checking out downtown Galway we decided to take a coastal drive on the famed Wild Atlantic Way. To our disappointment, much of the road actually wasn't along the coast at all and many of scenic stops are often quite a ways off the main route. It's overrated in our opinion, but we made the best of that decision and rolled with it.

Stumbling upon the Claregalway Abbey ruins was probably our favorite find of the day. We eat this "old stuff" up!

Know Before You Go!

  • At the end of the day we found ourselves regretting (this rarely happens) our decision to go here. This all boils down to preference. We enjoy exploring the great outdoors more than we enjoy wandering around bustling urban cities. If we had to do it again... well, we wouldn’t. We would opt to spend the day in Connemara National Park instead. 

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