The terrain surrounding Kotor is absolutely beautiful. We loved the Mediterranean mountainside and bright blue sea.

As we disembarked our cruise ship there was a crowd of local taxi drivers looking to take tourists around their home. The price was right, so we went for it. All six of us piled into a mini van and drove up an overlook to enjoy panoramic views of Kotor and the bay below. Our driver also hooked us up with a water taxi out to the Sveti Dordje Island.

One of the great things about cruises is that there is something for everyone. Our group split ways; some went to explore the old town, and the rest of us hiked up the mountainside along the medieval city walls. This hike takes you up 1350 steps (gaining 1200 feet of elevation) - providing an excellent vantage point for the red-rooftops and bay below. On the way we passed St. Mary's church and ended our hike at San Giovanni Castle /Kotor Fortress / St. John’s Fortress. The fortress is now in ruins, but one can only imagine the manpower and persistence required to complete it.


  • There is a fee of 8 euro to climb the steps to the Kotor Fortress / St. John’s Fortress.

  • St. Mary’s Church / Church of our Lady Remedy is about halfway up. Usually someone is there to sell water and other goods.

  • The hike takes about 2-2.5 hours to complete (requiring you to climb 1350 stone steps and gain 1200 feet of elevation).

  • The hike is easily accessible from Old Town Kotor.

  • The trail can crowded, but this is to be expected. The views are worth it!


Sveti Dordje

Dont miss Our Lady of the Rocks Chapel located on a island in Kotor Bay.

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