One of our favorite things about road trips is the freedom we enjoy when travelling by car. When driving we are not limited to a specific timetable or route. Because of this we often take a more lengthy, less traveled path, but are greatly rewarded with lesser seen areas, hidden gems, and the best memories.

When leaving Engleberg our next stop was ultimately Vaduz, Liechtenstein, but having some time on our hands we opted to head south toward Andermatt and then over a stunning mountain pass toward Chur.



Along the way we came across several sleepy ski towns that had closed up after winter and weren’t up and running for the summer tourist season yet. In some areas the snow drifts on the side of the road we at least 20’ high.

Vorderrhein River Valley

Much like the Andermatt / Oberalp pass area, we couldn’t seem to find an open guesthouse here (or any sign of life other than cows)  but we found some beautiful Swiss country-side views.

Punt Russein

Another great part about travelling by car is when you see something cool, you pull over. No need to hurry and snap a picture before the train zips past. Take a moment to stretch your legs and take it all in. The Punt Russein Bridge was a favorite pit-stop of ours along the mountain pass. We saw carved graffiti on the rafters dating back to 1900!


Disentis Monastery

This massive monastery could not be missed. Though part of it was under construction, we enjoyed seeing what we could.

Guesthouse Estermann Sedrun - Tgèsa Hainrica


After crossing the Oberalp Pass and stopping in several villages in vain, at about 7pm we rolled into town in Tujetsch looking yet again fpr place to stay. Thankfully, the cutest Swiss Grandma came opening the door. With our limited German we were able to secure two double rooms. In the morning she served us a delicious traditional Swiss breakfast - all for 40 CHF ea. What a deal! We love to support the locals and opt out of large chain hotels. Though T’gesa Hainrica was a little dated, it was authentic, as if you were staying at grandma’s house. This was absolutely one the highlights of our trip. It’s a long shot, but if you find yourself in Tujetsch, check out  Tgèsa Hainrica. Note: In this area of Switzerland they speak Romanch and some German, but no English.


Swiss Winter Wonderland

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