We arrived in the town of Noiraigue for our second hike of the day following our walk along the cliff edge of Creux du Van (Separate Post Here). Noiraigue is a small town down in the valley below the Creux du Van Nature Reserve. We hiked along the river that also runs through town.

The trails are well marked with direction signs to various locations. Noiraigue is a popular starting point for hiking easily accessible by train, private car, or connection hikes from surrounding towns. Many people start the Creux Du Van Canyon loop hike from Noiraigue as well.


The path parallels the railroad tracks through town to the east. At the edge of town we crossed the railroad tracks at a vehicle crossing point then continue along the south side of the tracks. Just out of town as the valley narrows we passed a decommissioned hydroelectric plant then the path crosses to the south side of the river and enters the forest.


As the valley, now gorge, narrows the river flows much faster. The trail is much cooler in the shade compared to the open valley which was becoming quite hot due to the afternoon sun. Soon we came upon the photogenic Pont de Brot which took us back across the river to the north side again.


Just passed the bridge the valley widens again and the path resumes being  a single lane paved surface.


Feeling lazy in the afternoon heat we decided against the (non-strenuous) walk back the way we came and opted to hop on the train at the Champ-du-Moulin station. The return ride was a short, maybe 5min, to the Noiraigue Station and cost about 8 CHF for both of us.


Know Before You Go


Parking is available (FREE!) at a few different locations in town. The two main parking sites are at the train station and across the river at the trail head. One additional location with 5-7 spots is available on the east side of town. 


Creux du Van