Inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s novel, Lichtenstein (1826), this beautiful neo-gothic fairy tale castle was built between 1840-1842. Throughout our time in Europe we have seen more castles than we can count (really), but this one is at the top of our list - even more so than some of the well-known castles nearby (such as Hohenzollern Castle). Why? Maybe it is because of its idyllic setting, as it perches daringly on the cliff side overlooking the valley below. Or, maybe it’s because it is still privately owned by the Ducal family of Urach (who visit about once a month and on holidays). Or maybe because it’s a bit smaller and quaint. It feels more attainable, like maybe if the stars aligned and we work really hard and save our pennies, we too could have a castle like Schloss Lichtenstein one day...


When visiting the castle, take time to explore the courtyard and grounds surrounding the castle. The best lookout point to the castle is on the southeast side of the castle (as shown above).

Fun Fact!

"Lichtenstein" translates to “shining stone”. Throughout the tour you're able to see some of this castle's namesake stone.

Know Before You Go!

  • English Brochures are available, but tours are only offered in German. On our first visit we had a friendly guide who offered to do the tour in English because our small group was English-Speaking. Maybe you’ll be so lucky...
  • There are no photographs allowed inside the castle. 
  • Two different kind of tickets are available - one to get into the courtyard only, and another for entrance to the courtyard and a tour of the castle. It is not possible to visit the castle without a tour.
  • Of course, there is a restaurant nearby and a ropes-course high in the trees too.

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