The David Collection houses the largest collection of Islamic art in Scandinavia, and get this: it’s completely free!

Christian Ludvig David (C. L. David) was born into a financially fortunate family, but continued to accrue his own wealth as a successful lawyer and businessman. As a litigation lawyer of just 33 years old, he was granted permission to plead cases before the Danish Supreme Court. As a result of his legal experience, David was asked to serve as an advisor/board member to several of Denmark’s top companies. This experience led to fruitful investments for David, including the global facilities management company, ISS A/S.

David also chose to invest in an art collection, which he made available to the public in 1948. The David Collection is displayed in David’s former home at Kronprinsessegade no. 30 in central Copenhagen. David’s great grandfather previously owned the townhome at Kronprinsessegade, but it was subsequently sold in 1830. David purchased the townhome in 1917. The adjacent property was acquired in 1986 and serves as exhibition space today.


The David Collection is most known for its Islamic Art (as it should be). Your free museum admission also includes a complimentary electronic guide which allows you to hear and read about the Islamic Collection. In addition, The David Collection also includes 18th Century European Art and a small collection of Danish Early Modern Art. The museum’s elaborate coffered ceilings, wood paneling and intricate parquet floor designs demand almost as much attention as the museum collection itself.

David never married or had any children, but he wanted to preserve his art collection for generations to come. To ensure it’s preservation and future, the entirety of his fortune was left to the C. L. David Foundation and Collection. Since his death in 1960, the collection has continued to grow.

This site is definitely worth your time. We only had an hour there and wished we had more, so plan accordingly!


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