The town of Zermatt is nestled at the foot of the striking Matterhorn, arguably the world’s most famous mountain peak. Located within the Mattertal, or the ‘Meadow Valley’ in the southern Canton of Valais, Zermatt is a renowned outdoor haven best known for skiing, climbing, hiking and breathtaking views. 

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The closest airports to Zermatt are Geneva, Zurich or Milan. All of which have train connections to Zermatt. Arriving by car? Be sure to check your route. You may need to pay to use the Furka, Lötschberg, or Simplon car transports. Also, Zermatt is a car-free town, so be prepared to park in Täsch and take the train shuttle into Zermatt. It might seem like a hassle, but it adds to the magic of this mountain town, and its charming character. Of course, if you’d rather, you can charter a helicopter in/out of the city instead...

Parking at the Matterhorn Terminal in Täsch runs at 14.50 CHF per day (not too shabby for Switzerland). Train shuttles run every 20 minutes and are about a 12 minute ride into Zermatt. The ticket is 8.20 CHF per adult per way. If you can, embrace the experience and pay to stay in Zermatt. You’re already paying to be in one of the world’s top alpine havens and staying in Täsch won’t save you much money, so just go for it! 

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The Matterhorn

One of the highest peaks in the Alps (4,478m/14,692 ft) and one of the deadliest mountains in the world. Over 500 climbers have been killed on the mountain since the first successful climb in 1865.

Zermatt is best explored on foot, where one can admire the traditional chalets, snow-capped peaks, and quaint boutiques along bahnhofstrasse and of course the gorgeous views of the Matterhorn. Don’t worry though, if your feet need a break, one can tour the town via etaxi, ebus, bicycle, or even a romantic horse-drawn carriage. All for a fee, of course. Prior to arriving in Zermatt be sure to contact your hotel for a free hotel shuttle pick-up. 

A trip to Switzerland isn’t complete without indulging in Fondue and Rösti! We recommend checking out Zermatt’s oldest restaurant, Cafe Du Pont Zermatt. We paid approx. 20 CHF per person plus 6 CHF for a liter of still water to split. After wandering the streets, these rates seemed on the lower end of the price range for these dishes in Zermatt.  We had all intentions of snapping some pics for you, but we were so hungry, we quickly devoured everything. Before we knew it, our plates were empty and our bellies were far too full for any dessert! 

One of the best viewpoints for the Matterhorn is along the “Kirchbrücke” bridge. Also, if you take a walk down near the river along Uferweg (just North of Kirchbrücke, you’ll see ergonomic wooden chairs for you to relax with a view! 

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Quick Tip

A roundtrip train ticket from Zermatt to the Gornergrat station from November to April is only 4 CHF less than the “Ski Pass Zermatt”. Even if you aren’t skiing, you’ll be better off buying the ski pass so you can check out the Matterhorn from the other lifts like the Sunnegga and Furi as well. Also, a roundtrip ticket on the Gornergrat from May-October varies between 98 CHF and 114 CHF, so going in the winter will get you the most bang for your buck! 


*Information current as of February 2018

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